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Do You Know Your Sustainable Seafood?

Just added a link in the Blogroll to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Guild. If you haven’t been there and… Continue reading »

Summer Beets with Fresh Lemon, Cilantro and Mint – Delicious and Easy!!

This refreshing summer beet salad is crisp and refreshing. A great dish for elegant summer entertaining! Plus you can get the ingredients locally for much of the summer. Stop by your local Farmers Market and try this fantastic beet salad today. EcoChef approved!

Could This Be The Perfect Social and Economic Storm to Save the Earth?

For the past few decades, we’ve enjoyed relatively inexpensive fuel and food prices. This has had a major impact on our habits as individuals and a society. In the US, we purchased ever larger gas-guzzling SUVs even as we flocked to the theater to see An Inconvenient Truth. As food consumers, we have become accustom to well-stocked grocery store aisles and produce departments that offer everything from a variety of prepared ethnic foods to exotic fruits and vegetables flown in from around the world.