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Summer Abundance: Road Side Farmer’s Produce Stands Prosper

I have the great fortune of living in the Maryland/Chesapeake Bay area where we enjoy such an abundance of fresh,… Continue reading »

Do You Know Your Sustainable Seafood?

Just added a link in the Blogroll to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Guild. If you haven’t been there and… Continue reading »

Could This Be The Perfect Social and Economic Storm to Save the Earth?

For the past few decades, we’ve enjoyed relatively inexpensive fuel and food prices. This has had a major impact on our habits as individuals and a society. In the US, we purchased ever larger gas-guzzling SUVs even as we flocked to the theater to see An Inconvenient Truth. As food consumers, we have become accustom to well-stocked grocery store aisles and produce departments that offer everything from a variety of prepared ethnic foods to exotic fruits and vegetables flown in from around the world.

Watermelon in January – The Evolution of Unseasonal Eating

I’m not sure when it happened, but somewhere along the way it became perfectly reasonable to me that I could… Continue reading »

The Factory Farm – The Road to Unsustainable Agriculture

Over the last few decades, large factory-style farms have been replacing the small family-owned farms in the United States. Why… Continue reading »

Sustainable Living and Food Choices

It’s (finally) common knowledge: The health of our planet is in serious danger as the result of decades of harmful… Continue reading »