Sustainable Living and Food Choices

It’s (finally) common knowledge: The health of our planet is in serious danger as the result of decades of harmful human activity. The good news is this fact has recently entered the consciousness of just about everyone that accesses media of any kind. The bad news is it will take decades, if not longer, to change this devastating course we’re on, much less reverse it. But it CAN be done. So let’s focus on the positive and start making some changes in our own lives.

I decided to start this blog because I love food and cooking and I’m passionate about improving the environment. One of the biggest stresses to our earth comes from the exploding human population and the need to feed those people. Simply put, we cannot sustain our current methods of producing food and expect to have adequate supplies to feed all of us in the future. Let’s look at the issues.

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  1. Katie S. July 23, 2007 at 4:55 pm Reply

    Hi, just stumbled onto your blog. I’m one of those recent converts to the global warming cause and I look forward to seeing more posts on your site. Thanks!

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